The Rise of Conversational Software

17 Oct

Conversational software has come a long way since the days when the only real use for it was for salesmen and marketing professionals. Now, though, conversational software has become a great tool for business owners, and a great way to automate processes.

To be honest, I am still wondering whether or not these types of devices were even invented in the first place. If you look back a few years, there were so many other ways to automate sales and marketing that it really seems silly that anyone would try to do it manually in the first place. Conversational devices really took off in the mid 90s as a way for telemarketers to make cold calls on their cell phones. Today, the use of these devices for telemarketing is fairly rare. It has been replaced by direct marketing and email marketing campaigns.

In fact, Chat Bots is actually more popular today than the actual devices that they replaced. They are just as useful, but they are much more affordable. The majority of users are using conversational applications rather than devices such as Blackberries or iPads. As such, they can easily be implemented into a company's existing system without having to completely redesign it. However, it is important to realize that if you are going to use one of these devices, your entire sales team must be comfortable with them.

The most basic reason why most companies choose to implement this type of device is to cut down on costs. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". When a salesman has to work over an extended period of time on one call, it does not bode well for him and his skills, because he will become bored and start to slack off. In addition, a customer will feel more comfortable talking to a live person instead of a machine. A chatbot platform can make this happen.

Another good reason to have one is to allow sales team members to use their own time on their devices instead of spending it on doing cold calls or attending phone calls. Many times, salespeople will end up spending so much time on their devices that they forget about other tasks that need to be done.

A conversational ai software has also come to the forefront as a good way for companies to save time. Because these devices are so interactive, they require very little maintenance. and are incredibly easy to install and use, most companies find that it does not take much effort to run them. The average user can be up and running in minutes. 

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